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    Amid Family Drama, Big Scarr’s Father Defends Gucci Mane & Atlantic Records

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    Big Scarr’s father defended the rapper’s family and friends’ recent comments.

    A feud between Big Scarr’s label and his family has erupted in public in the last two days. Scarr’s sister and friend claimed that despite agreeing to help with burial expenses, Gucci Mane did not. Wop, according to his sister, also begged for Scarr’s 1017 chains back.

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    However, Wop’s wife, Keyshia Ka’oir revealed Gucci paid $10,000 directly to the funeral home and pulled out receipts to corroborate the claims. Then, she revealed the flowers that were sent for the funeral after Scarr’s sister claimed they never received the flowers.

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    Finally, Big Scarr’s father chimed in on the matter surrounding his son’s death and the label he was signed to. Unlike Scarr’s sister, his father had nothing but great things to say about Gucci Mane and Atlantic Records. He put an end to the argument, confirming Keyshia Ka’oir’s claim that Wop already put down $10K while Atlantic Records also offered another $10K.

    Firstly, Scarr’s father thanked Atlantic Records and Gucci Mane for giving his son a major opportunity in the music industry. Then, he clarified that he never allowed anyone to speak out surrounding Scarr’s funeral.

    “I can’t let y’all throw dude under the bus like that. C’mon now, the truth is the truth, man,” he said. “I gave nobody permission to do that.”

    He also confirmed that he covered the rest of the funeral costs after receiving $20K from Wop and Atlantic Records. “I covered the rest. I appreciate that, big time. Certain things were said that shouldn’t have been said. It was wrong. Man-to-man, I wish someone would’ve just dialed my number and talked to your guy, 100,” he continued. “All this out of control. Gucci and them the best thing to ever happen to my son.”

    Later on, an Instagram page that appeared to belong to Big Scarr’s girlfriend condemned the family drama spilling out onto Instagram. The post criticizes those closest to Scarr for airing out his personal business and violating his privacy after his passing.

    “Y’all really FAILED Alex as family & friends. Y’all aired ALL his personal business out, from the preparation to the funeral till afterwards,” she wrote. “Wtf happened to privacy? Flexing in his jewelry like it’s yours. PUT HIS SHIT UP! He not here to put it on you so don’t wear his shit.”

    Check her post out below.

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