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    Beautiful Beings movie review (2023)

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    Upon discovering that Balli’s mother is largely absent and his stepdad in prison, the boys make his dilapidated home their headquarters. Grøvlen’s camera remains a fly on the wall as the boys revel in teenage debauchery, smoking cigarettes, making drugs from household items, roughhousing, and watching porn. Although there’s a hierarchy within the group and violence, it offers each boy a sense of community and protection from the greater violence that awaits them both at home and rival gangs.   

    For much of the film, Guðmundsson draws on the long tradition of angry young man films, without adding much by way of originality or insight that hasn’t already been said. The director does not shy away from explicitly showing the everyday violence these boys revel in, whether it be property destruction, physical violence (at one point the boys experiment in asphyxiating each other to get high), or sexual assault. The dramatic irony of this latter sequence in contrast to an earlier scene where the boys watch violent, animated porn, is particularly heavy-handed.

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    In the latter half of “Beautiful Beings,” Addi’s dreams become waking nightmares and premonitions, adding a supernatural layer to his story. Unfortunately, there isn’t much originality here either, though it’s nice to see what appears to be an homage to Nietzchka Keene’s 1990 fantasy film “The Juniper Tree” starring a young Björk. Guðmundsson struggles to add cohesion to clashing tones, ultimately abandoning both magical and kitchen-sink realism for the film’s cloying final sequence.

    Although Guðmundsson coaxes strong performances from his young leads, “Beautiful Beings” remains largely a missed opportunity. While its unflinching use of violence will provoke audiences, there isn’t much else here by way of insight into the lives of those at its uncomfortable center. 

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    Now playing in select theaters.

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