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    Crazy Cop Threatens Rapper Feezy Lebron

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    On social media, a video of yet another police officer intimidating an unarmed Black man has gone viral. Despite the fact that the incident occurred on New Year’s Eve, the bodycam clip has lately circulated on Twitter.

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    The victim is rapper Feezy Lebron, who was simply sitting in his car on his phone while in Los Angeles. Two officers subsequently approach his car to question him. However, one is frighteningly quick to pull his gun and explicitly threaten him.

    “You take off in this car, I’ma shoot you. I’m gonna make it super easy on you.. you put this car in drive, you’re getting one right to the chest,” the cop threatens while pointing his gun at Feezy. The rapper has his arms up and is evidently complying.

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    The pair of police were allegedly questioning him for smoking weed in his car. However, marijuana is legal in the state of California. It has been since 2016. Additionally, Feezy says he did have weed in his car, but claims he wasn’t smoking it.

    “Unfortunately for you, you shouldn’t smoke so much weed in your car and we wouldn’t have to search you,” the officer attempts to explain. He goes on to inappropriately accuse the rapper of having anger issues based on his response and denial to these claims.

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    The L.A. rapper is continuing to speak about the incident on his Instagram account. “jus glad to have survived tht last encounter…-these guys are literally hunting us…Please continue to SHARE[.] This is the way I’m most likely to will always end with HANDCUFFS or GUNS DRAWN,” he writes in the caption of a post on January 3.

    The incident is evidently causing outage all across social media. Attorney Ben Crump took to his Twitter account to voice his thoughts on the unfortunate situation on Monday (January 9). “This is grossly UNPROFESSIONAL & concerning – on Dec. 31, a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy reportedly threatened to shoot an LA-based rapper during a traffic stop! A complaint has been filed, & the Sheriff’s Department is investigating the deputies’ actions and language,” he writes.

    Feezy Lebron was ultimately detained and put into the police car. The Los Angeles Sheriffs Department is responsible for releasing the footage. They say they did so in order to be transparent. “One deputy displayed pepper spray, then drew his firearm and used unprofessional language, which later resulted in a complaint filed by that community member,” reads part of their statement.

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