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    Evidence Of Megan Thee Stallion’s Ex-BFF Kelsey’s Diss Track

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    Day 6 of the Tory Lanez trial has begun, and the week has begun with a bang. According to reports, Megan Thee Stallion’s former stylist testified today. “There is an issue with a jury that is being discussed in private,” reporter Meghann Cuniff added.

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    Cuniff added there wasn’t context given as to what the concern may have been. “But the juror, a younger light-skinned Black woman with braided hair and a style of dress that included pink cheetah print pants last week, was asked to stay behind.”

    Later, it was reported that a juror was in an elevator with Lanez and his team on more than one occasion. James Queally of The Los Angeles Times wrote: “There was an ‘incident’ with a juror, per judge, but was not explained. But I did end up an elevator with Lanez, his security and PR folks today, and that specific juror was in there.”

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    “I did not see them talking or hear any discussion of the case.”

    Queally also added that it would be the defense’s turn to lay their case out for the court. It was further stated that Kelsey Harris’ diss track to Megan, “Bussin Back,” would be entered into evidence. Therefore, her lyrics will be analyzed.

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    In the song, Harris accused Megan of lying to the District Attorney about her, but there were other seemingly damaging references.

    It was all good, yeah, about a week ago (About a week ago)

    Shout out Bobby Shmurda but this b*tch is really tweaking, bro

    If I was the one with the gun you would’ve heard about a murder (R.I.P.)

    Said her back was turned but that girl know who really hurt her (I ain’t hurt you, bitch)

    Never been a jealous friend and the people really know it (Nah never been)

    If you would’vе kept it silent then I would’vе been told it (Bitch)

    See I really thought I knew you, thought that you would keep it G

    If you wanna talk gangsta, b*tch, I’m really from the street

    Imagine lying to the D.A. saying I took some hush money (Huh?)

    Put a muzzle on your friends, y’all acting like some crash dummies (Skrrt)

    Expect much more about this case this week. The verdict in Harvey Weinstein’s trial stole the spotlight today (December 19), but the public is impatiently waiting for the Tory Lanez trial to conclude.

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