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    Kate Winslet’s Perplexing Hairstyles On New Poster Left Titanic Fans Amazed

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    We’ve been trying to wrap our heads around this photo for 84 years.

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    A new poster commemorating Titanic’s 25th anniversary was released, portraying the beloved Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio). Instead of focusing on the two stars, viewers are fixated on Rose’s two concurrent hairstyles.

    As seen in the promotional artwork, Rose is sporting two very different hairdos on either side of her head. On one side, the character has a curly updo, while on the other, Kate’s character is wearing her locks down without curls.

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    The choice to have both hairstyles used in the photo has stopped many Titanic fans in their tracks.  One user wrote, “when I’m in the middle of doing my hair and Lyft says the lifeboat will arrive in 2 min.” Meanwhile another added, “This is strange.”

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    But the head-turning hair is not the only aspect of the poster receiving flack. Some viewers feel Jack, who is holding Rose in the poster, looks off as well. One user added, “Leos fingers are weird, and don’t grab anything.”

    Despite the double takes this poster is causing, some fans have theorized the differing hair choices are symbolic for Rose’s character. “I think it’s intentional,” a user noted on Twitter, “like the two sides of her, the one controlled by her mother and the true self after she met jack.”

    The poster in question was released to promote the upcoming showings of Titanic in theaters, which will kick off Feb. 10 in honor of the film’s anniversary. Per a press release, the movie will be shown in a remastered version with high-frame rate.

    Despite being remastered, it’s safe to say Rose will still only have one hairstyle at a time during the actual film.

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