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    Lil Meech Invested $500K In His “BMF” Chain

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    Lil Meech just discussed his new BMF chain, which cost him $500,000. Furthermore, he appeared on GQ’s “On The Rocks” series to discuss the new bling. Meech is best known for playing his father, Big Meech, in 50 Cent’s Starz series Black Mafia Family.

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    “You’re the first actor to be on ‘On The Rocks,’” the interviewers told Lil Meech, real name Demetrius Flenory Jr. “That’s crazy, bro,” he replied, “s**t, I’m glad to be here. I appreciate y’all having me, s**t. Feeling good, good to be on GQ.

    “I’ve really been into jewelry since I was a baby, growing up,” the 22-year-old said. “My old ‘BMF’ pieces I don’t have no more,” he clarified as he showed off the new one that hung from his neck.

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    “Elliott charged me $200,000 just for this Cuban,” the actor stated, showing off the first part of the piece. “This Cuban is like 1,100 grams. It’s chunky, real big. I really can’t have this on for longer than three or four hours, my neck start hurting.

    “The locket say ‘Elliante’ on it,” he added, referring to the chain’s designer. “You know what I’m saying? His name, his signature, it got the three big boogers on each side. So, ain’t no regular Cuban, you know? You might find a regular Cuban for 50 or for 100, maybe, but this 200 just for a kilo.”

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    “What’s the pendant cost then?” the interviewer asks. “Three, just for the pendant,” Meech clarified.

    “This some s**t like, you gotta give my daddy,” the rapper expressed. “Like when he come home, I’ll keep this forever, you know? You can’t even go no bigger than this, you know? You don’t see no silver or gold, you see straight water.”

    Meanwhile, Lil Meech recently detailed what his father, Big Meech, doesn’t appreciate about BMF. Moreover, Lil Meech portrays him in the series. Also, the young star posted bond for his recent arrest, and had to face clowning from 50 Cent and other stars from Power.


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