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    Poll: Do you own a power bank for your smartphone?

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    samsung super fast power bank on table with watch

    Ryan Haines / Android Authority

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    Today’s Android smartphones have much bigger batteries than devices from five or six years ago, with 5,000mAh batteries being commonplace in the low-end and flagship segments alike.

    Bigger batteries don’t necessarily mean that power banks and portable chargers aren’t important anymore. So we’re curious as to how many people actually have one. That’s the topic of our featured poll today, so let us know below.

    Do you own a power bank for your smartphone?

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    58 votes

    We can see why you’d own a power bank, as they’re still very handy for traveling or if you live in a country with frequent power cuts. They’re also good to have if you’re going out but didn’t have enough time to adequately charge your phone (hello, Pixel and iPhone users).

    Then again, today’s phones all have battery saving modes of some kind to help eke out more juice. So this can reduce the need for having a power bank in some cases.

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