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    Savannah James Films Lebron James Playing “Madden”

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    LeBron James is in his 20th season in the NBA and is still putting up ridiculous numbers. For example, he ended up scoring 46 points against the Clippers last night. These types of figures are virtually unheard of for a 38-year-old.

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    That being said, LeBron is likely going to retire within the next half-decade. Playing until 40 will most likely be in the cards, especially since he wants to play with Bronny. However, he is probably looking forward to spending more time at home with his family.

    LeBron and his wife Savannah have been together since high school, and they are always having a good time together. Sometimes, however, LeBron likes to sit back and relax while playing a game of Madden. Even all of these years later, James will lock in and game as if he were a teenager.

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    Recently, Savannah decided to secretly record one of these gaming sessions. In the video clip below, you can see LeBron staring at the screen with intensity in his eyes. Moreover, it appears as though he is playing against the computer, which makes it that much funnier. Either way, James is still a kid at heart.

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    LeBron has frequently shown his devotion to Madden. He created a tournament with his teammates on the Lakers back in 2020 during the bubble. Furthermore, for his birthday, he got to play Madden at SoFi Stadium. Needless to say, James has a huge passion for football and we’re almost certain he wishes he had played at least a season in the NFL.


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