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    Shy Glizzy Reveals New Album, Reflects On Beyoncé Shoutout

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    Shy Glizzy recently announced his next album Flowers and discussed Beyoncé yelling him out on tour. While most readers are probably focused on Beyoncé’s recent $24 million Dubai show, keep in mind that she’s been crushing stages for years. Moreover, Glizzy’s song “Awesome” was played by the pop diva and media mogul during her tour.

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    Moreover, the D.C. native stopped by DJ Akademiks’s podcast Off The Record to share these thoughts. Still, it’s not like he’s been completely silent prior to this announcement. In fact, his last music release was just a month ago with the 21 Savage-assisted “Slime-U-Out.” During his conversation with Ak, the media host asked him about future projects.

    “You have an album coming up soon, right?” the podcaster asked He then asked “Title?”, to which Shy responded with “Flowers.”

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    “Flowers, why Flowers?” Ak said.

    “I’ve been in this s**t for a minute now, man,” the 30-year-old stated. “I feel like the growth is there, this s**t’s finally gotten to a point where the knives are sharpening, and all the respect is due. That’s why I named this s**t Flowers, I feel like I need mines, I feel like I give a lot of people theirs. That just goes back to the conversation about the post that I put up and all of that… S**t, I give n***as they flowers. Any n***a that’s before me, any n***a that, you know, do this s**t, I don’t got no problem. You don’t gotta come from the streets, none of that s**t. I’ll just salute you, if you think I’m a cool n***a anyway, if you think that I make good music.”

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    “What was you first reaction when you seen Beyoncé dancing your song? Did she, like, call you, like, how does that happen?” Akademiks asked.

    “Nah, she didn’t even call me, she just did that s**t. I don’t even know how it happened. That s**t just was going viral, and I’m like ‘What the f**k?’ ‘Cause I don’t watch s**t like that. I seen that s**t on the Internet, I was like ‘Damn, that’s crazy.’ Then they brung me out on her tour when she came to the city. So that was even bigger. N***a seen Jay, all of them, Beyoncé. That s**t was big, man, that was definitely a big moment. That was a highlight of my career, one of them.”

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