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    T.I. Offers Some Advice To Shannon Sharpe

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    Everyone is presumably aware of what occurred to Shannon Sharpe at Friday night’s Lakers game. Sharpe and members of the Memphis Grizzlies got into a heated argument, which included Tee Morant. As a result, calmer heads prevailed, and the show went on.

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    Consequently, Sharpe felt some embarrassment over the situation and apologized on Undisputed. Sharpe made it crystal clear that he never should have escalated what was happening on the floor. Overall, he is using it as a learning experience to better himself in the future.

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    Over the weekend, Sharpe sat down with T.I. for a conversation on Club Shay Shay. At the time, the Grizzlies game was on everyone’s mind. As a result, T.I. felt like it was as good a time as ever to bring it up. Sharpe was certainly receptive to the conversation as the two made jokes.

    However, T.I. eventually got serious and offered some solid advice to the NFL legend. “We all fall short, ain’t none of us perfect,” the artist said. “Humans are fallible, our flesh is weak.” He went on to say that no one can lead a perfect life, and that overall, there is nothing to be ashamed over.

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    It was a very honest conversation that many will appreciate. The full episode is just over an hour long, and the two touch on a plethora of topics. Overall, it is well worth a watch, especially if you are a T.I. fan.

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