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    The Magician’s Elephant movie review (2023)

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    The story’s center is an orphan named Peter (Noah Jupe). He is being raised by a disabled former soldier (Mandy Patinkin as Vilna), who treats Peter as a recruit, making him march and teaching him that life is all hardship and danger. 

    They live in Baltese, a once peaceful town filled with magic. But since a recent war, everything is drab, and a perpetual cloud cover blocks out the sun. One day, a mysterious red tent appears, and inside is a fortune teller (Natasia Demetriou, also the film’s wry narrator). Peter learns his sister, the one Vila said had died, is alive and that to find her, he must … follow the elephant. 

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    It seems impossible because there are no elephants in Baltese. That is until an inept magician (Benedict Wong) somehow brings an elephant crashing through the theater ceiling, falling on the legs of a wealthy older woman (Miranda Richardson). Some Baltesians want to destroy the elephant, but the local authority is a countess (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) who wants to keep it and invites Peter to be its caretaker. Peter refuses because he wants the elephant to lead him to his sister. The king (Aasif Mandvi), who likes to be “never not entertained,” says Peter can take the elephant if he can complete three impossible tasks in three days.    

    The voice talent is excellent, especially Brian Tyree Henry as Peter’s sympathetic neighbor and Mandvi as the high-spirited king (and the only character with an American accent). First-time director Wendy Rogers’ background as a visual effects supervisor in films like “Flushed Away” and the original “Puss in Boots” has a strong foundation for dynamic visual storytelling and crafts an exciting chase scene for that first impossible task and some camera angles that add to the excitement. The human characters are fairly standard, but the title pachyderm is designed with enough realism to bring emotional and believable physical weight to the story. 

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